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Day 46 | Sat, Apr 1 | Shyla Love!


Day 45 | Fri, Mar 31 | My friends Ella and Genny


Day 44 | Thurs, Mar 30 | Choo Choo!


Day 43 | Wed, Mar 29 | Pouncer has to share her toys


Day 42 | Tues, Mar 28 | Brightening Grandpa Johnny’s Work Day!


Day 41 | Mon, Mar 27 | Playing Well means Mummy Works!


Day 40 | Sun Mar 26 | Raising the Crib


Day 39 | Sat, Mar 25 | Meeting the Maders

Rosie got to meet the Maders which was very special for me. They are one of the few friends in my Dad’s life who spent time with me as a baby, and I loved sharing my own baby with them after seeing so many pictures of them playing with me the same way!


Day 38 | Fri, Mar 24 | The Wind and the Willows

Jordan is imposing his love for the Wind and the Willows on Rosie. He’s lucky she’s too young to know that it’s the most boring kids show ever made. LOL! …I mean I love it!


Day 37 | Thurs, Mar 23 | Kitty Healing

We do’t mind Rosie getting a little extra healing from Pouncer’s low purrs. Poor little babe’s cough is so upsetting for her.


Day 36 | Wed, Mar 22 | Sicky Baby

Jordan’s cough has finally caught up with Rosie. She’s never been sick before and every time she coughs I feel so sad for her.


Day 35 | Tues, Mar 21 | Lean Mean, Cleaning Machine!

Rosie and I cleaned house on Tuesday! The kitchen was a disaster after a week of 2 sickies! But when Jordan got home I didn’t stop there! He went out with Rosie and I cleaned out the fridge, garbages, under the sink, bathroom, and more! I went on a crazy organization and purging binge that felt sooo good!! Just in time for the Spring Equinox too!


Day 34 | Mon, Mar 20 | 4am Good Morning!

Rosie decided to get up at 4am which was nuts because she usually wakes up at 7! Since she was going to the babysitter’s later that morning I did my pumping routine in the early hours and then cuddled her when she realized that she was not as ready to party as she thought and passed out in my arms. Very unlike her, and a precious snuggly moment that I’ll cherish.


Day 33 | Sun, Mar 19 | Couch Time with Sharon, Lois, and Bram

Rosie goes crazy for Sharon, Lois, and Bram! We were watching them on tv and having dance parties, which is actually pretty typical for us! I had a shift in energy and was pretty pretty much normal after my flu so I couldn’t have been happier to get life back into this house!


Day 32 | Sat, Mar 18 | Penned

After 3 days of this bug, getting climbed on or having to keep tabs of the wee one is just too much. Jordan is much better at pushing through than I am.


Day 31 | Fri, Mar 17 | Thank God for Naps!

Rosie goes for a nap every 2 hours which was such a blessing when all we wanted to of was sleep to shake this flu.


Day 30 | Thurs, Mar 16 | Both Parents Down

This is what it looks like when both parents have succumbed to the pains of the stomach flu but still need to “parent”.


Day 29 | Wed, Mar 15 | Bubby Fun

My mom’s favourite thing to do when entering my house is yell, “GA GA GOO GOO!”, to which Rosie looks at me and contemplates who/what she’s hearing. She’ll repet this a few times until the big reveal – BUBBY’S HERE!


Day 28 | Tues, Mar 14 | Rosie’s First Impromptu Shower

We’ve started to realize our pipes always seem to flood after a bath so I planned to give Rosie a bath at my Dad’s house. When we realized that there was no bath plug at their house, Rosie and I had a shower together instead. This was a terrifying and horrible experience to one little chicky! But boy do we love an adventure and she sure does look cute when she’s so fresh and so clean!


Day 27 | Mon, Mar 13 | No Laundry Today

After the flood in the laundry room last week, and having it happen again a second time, we’ve been very backed up on our laundry duties!! I was determined to get things moving only to find there was a bit of a water rise again from the pipes!! (Luckily I caught it before it was a big deal)! So, alas, those heaps sit there to taunt me!


Day 26 | Sun, Mar 12 | Coming Home to This {My Heart}

After photographing the Creative Canvases event I was melted to come home to the most perfect image of my two loves snuggled up.


Day 25 | Sat, Mar 11 | Starbucks Creeper

Rosie says, “Mom, why was that creepy woman behind me staring at us the whole time you were breastfeeding and trying to enjoy your latte??”…”also, I’m a cat today FYI!”


Day 24 | Fri, Mar 10 | My Best Friend Ella

I had a wonderful time with my good friends Nicole and Chris, photographing their gorgeous family and their new home! Their little Ella is a week older than Rosie, so Nicole and I had the lucky chance to experience pregnancy at the same rate together. It will be amazing to see them grow up together!

I was so proud of Rosie’s excitement towards their Great Dane! She had no issues with his size at all, but I suppose when you’re that small everyone is gigantic anyway!


Day 23 | Thur, Mar 9 | Mother Nature Calling

I had gotten in a bit of a funk the day before and decided to make this day all about me and Rosie. All winter we have never been outside and I really felt that a little Mother Nature would do me some healing good. Rosie loved it too! A passerby remarked on her happy kicking feet! I need to make walking in the woods a more regular thing for us girls.


Day 22 | Tues, Mar 8/17 | Quiet House

Since Rosie has begun crawling and her two bottom teeth have been pushing through, she’s been much more needy now than she has been in a long while! It’s been very tough to edit photos while she’s home and I truly value my babysitter days once a week! I love how her presence has reminded me to slow down, let go of my need to control, and go with the flow!! But also give myself permission to ask for what I need in order to be my best for her and myself!

In other news, Today is Rosie’s 8 month birthday! I almost gave her champagne for her *champagne birthday* but I thought against it!


Day 21 | Wed, Mar 7 | Bathroom Poetry

Since Rosie can sit up from lying down now and crawl, my days of private washroom use are over! Better to keep her with me than wonder what she’s up to! This has begun our new tradition of Rosie sifting through her dad’s basket of reading material and usually pulling out books on poetry or the insightful Toq of Willie (Nelson). Our daughter is deep already, what can I say?!


Day 20 | Mon, Mar 6/17 | Roomba Phobia

Soo, I may be the worst mother ever and took this project a little too far! I learned that Rosie is apparently afraid of the moving Roomba, and since this is the first time I’ve ever seen her legitimately afraid of something I felt it was worthy of the project!

So, I thought I’d just plop her back on the floor for one second to capture her reaction, only to realize that watching your baby hysterically try to crawl away in fear while whining in panic was not exactly a motherhood goal of mine!

Needless to say, I got this one picture before I scooped her up and the whole event was a matter of a second so hopefully I didn’t cause too much damage!! I hugged and kissed her obsessively for the rest of the day!


Day 19 |Sun, Mar 5/17 | Cousin Birthday Fun

It’s so nice to come together with our family. Watching Rosie with her older cousins is actually the most amazing thing on the planet.


Day 18 | Sat, Mar 4/17 | Silly Peanut

Peanut is usually too timid to come near Rosie as she’s a very anxious kitty. We had fun savouring this moment in the early hours when Peanut’s curiosity made her forget to be anxious and to just be silly with us!


Day 17 | Fri, Mar 3/17 | Costco

Going to Costco is so much more enjoyable since having Rosie. Is does help that I can now go in the middle of the week so it’s less busy. But in general, where I used to be faced with negativity, people are just so much more pleasant around me now that I have a cute little smiler in my cart!


Day 16 | Thurs, Mar 2/17 | 6-12 Month Clothes

The organizing and putting away of clothes that no longer fit Rosie creeps up on me quickly. There is this desire to keep her small, but also an excitement to watch her grow! On the her next batch of 6-12 month clothes!!


Day 15 | Wed, Mar 1/17 | Kind is the new Pretty

I found mommy and daughter versions of this shirt and had to get them. They arrived and even though it’s too big for her I had to do a fashion show! Kind is the new Pretty; that will definitely be Rosie’s life motto if I have anything to do with it.


Day 14 | Tues, Feb 28/17 | Flooded

Our laundry room flooded – again :(!! So we’re playing upstairs today to get away from the stink!!


Day 13 | Mon, Feb 27/17 | Adelyn the Movie Buff

Little Adelyn came to visit yesterday and she gave us a taste of whats to come with little Rosie. Maybe we should think about hiding our DVDs?? LOL!


Day 12 | Sun, Feb 26/17 | New Moon

Setting our intentions for the New Moon – We’re ready! Followed by a face plant, tears, and a little Mommy/Rosie time.


Day 11 | Sat, Feb 25/17 | Our Teether

We are so lucky that Rosie loves the way her Tylenol tastes! (Pretty much the only thing she loves the taste of so far!!) …She has one tooth now and I think another one is on the way!!


Day 10 | Fri, Feb 24/17 | Look Ma! I can crawl!!

I’m a mean Mummy! 15 minutes before this session Rosie crawled OFFICIALLY for the first time!! THEN – Of course I had to video tape it, so “Let’s do it AGAIN!!” And thenn I NEEDED to document the moment for our 365 project – so by the time we took these photos my poor little miss was exhausted! Crawling is tough work, but she’s a tough cookie! I’m so proud of my munchkin!


Day 9 | Thurs, Feb 23/17 | Pouncer Pouncer the Wonder Cat

It is so sweet to see how much Pouncer loves Rosie already. Even though Rosie is so unpredictable; grabbing her fur, whiskers, paws, tail, and anything else she can get ahold of – Pouncer will still find her way back to her with a loud purr.


Day 8 | Wed, Feb 22/17 | Can’t sleep, won’t sleep!

I tried rocking, I tried nursing, I tried cuddling, I tried leaving her alone. I tried ignoring her by turning my back to her, only to have her claw at me from behind. In the end after 2 hours the trick was apparently posing for selfies and sending them to Bubby, declaring “I give up!”.

Sadly it was just a tease because she jolted awake 15 minutes later. This is the kind of day we’re having.

Day 7 | Tues, Feb 21/17 | Baby Date

Well, I have to say that Rosie’s date with Jack didn’t go as well as we had hoped! First he ignored her during the party, hitting on other women!! And then he screamed irrationally during their meal together! LOL! Oh Jack-a-moe!


Day 6 | Mon, Feb 20/17 | Dance Party

I told my cousins that if they want to come over then fine, but we better dance because I need to swing my hips!


Day 5 | Sun, Feb 19/17 | Pippa and Grandpa Go Bananas!

We love seeing our Pippa and Grandpa on the weekends. The last time we tried giving Rosemary banana she didn’t really like it. We thought we’d try again, and no surprise – YUCK!


Day 4 | Sat, Feb 18/17 | Toronto Adventure

Saturday was a big day for us!!

In the morning, we got to visit Casa Loma and experience the Beauty and the Beast exhibit! What a magical place to be, especially when decorated in such an enchanted theme. We had a lot of fun exploring the “Enchanted Tunnel” and watching the lights dance along the walls as we went by!

In the afternoon, we popped over to visit our good cousins, the Lehmans! We definitely stayed longer than we had planned and both agreed as we drove away that there is something about this family that makes you never want to leave. You feel like you’re “home”.


Day 3 | Fri, Feb 17/17 | Kayla Love

Every week we go and visit Oma and Grandpa Johnny for some snuggles. We love visiting because in a household of 4 cats, we don’t have our own dog, but we’ve come to think of Kayla as our own!

Kayla loves soaking Rosie’s hair with kisses! She loves Rosie so much but she is also very jealous that Rosie gets all of Oma’s attention when she comes over!


Day 2 | Thurs, Feb 16/17 | Rise and Shine

In the past week Rosie has decided that 7-8am wake up calls aren’t good enough anymore. Now we get to wake up at 5:30-6am! As much as Mummy feels ultra painful in the morning, it has been nice to have some quality time with Daddy now, before he heads to work.


Day 1 | Wed, Feb 15/17 | Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Rosie is deeply offended by her apple sauce. How could we expect her to eat such a thing? I wonder if the fact it’s cold from the fridge has anything to do with it? Has anyone found that? Paisley is just hoping something drops on the ground – LOL!


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