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Guelph Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Christmas Cherub

It’s amazing how simple pleasures like Christmas Holidays can change once you have children. Your baby’s first Christmas is the beginning of a whole new magic to the season that you didn’t even know you were missing. It’s really hard to describe until you live it, but there’s a nostalgia for the magic you remember when you were small. But also a sense of excitement in watching your little one, knowing that they are going to begin to make warm memories right here and now, that they will look back on fondly as well.

The love of family that you always knew, is suddenly so much more intense as you feel their unified unconditional love for your most precious babe. These are the people who fully “get” how you feel about your new baby and likely feel the same way! It’s almost too overwhelming if you think about it too much! Eek! Moving on to the next blog!



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