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When my daughter came into this world I was hit with such clarity in the type of photography I must be doing.

I was sitting in my bed, half undressed, with a newborn attached to my breast 90% of the time. I was in a ton of pain, as most mom’s will relate, and my house was a disaster. People were coming and going from my home as if it was public domain and I was barely functioning through the chaos of it. And yet, I knew I’d miss this chaos. I knew I’d miss the intensity of those first moments. I wanted it captured. I wanted to document the magic in the mess; The newness and magnitude of this time in my life in a way that I truly remembered it. I wanted to see MY story in all it’s raw goodness. That is probably the extreme on the scale of what I consider storytelling photography to be. But I wanted to paint a picture for you of how this all began. Suddenly capturing people in an inauthentic way would never be enough for me anymore. Now that I was a mother, I was changed.

Lifestyle Photography is timeless. It isn’t simply the latest fad or popular style. It’s true life, true emotion, and all taking place in a setting that gives you the most wonderful feeling of home and family. It’s the type of photography that I get to capture of my daughter every day; bath time, play time, first foods, first achievements, kitty love, and more! As our kids get older there are no shortage of phases, traditions, and wonderful memories worth capturing so that we can look back fondly when everything changes in the blink of an eye.

I want to do that for you. If I can’t be there for each of these moments in your everyday lives, I want to simulate a vision for you as if I am. It’s a time capsule in the truest way possible and I can’t get enough!