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My Rosie { how she grows }

Rosie at 7 months old <3 Feb 8, 2017

  • Rosie is raring to crawl! She is obsessed with going from the sitting to crawling position and rocking her bum!
  • Rosie loves grabbing Mummy’s hands from a sitting position and pulling herself up to standing. She is working on her balance and strength with little help from Mum.
  • Rosie loves to chat and her laughing is becoming more and more boisterous and child-like
  • Rosie is very funny and thinks everything Mummy and Daddy does is hilarious
  • Rosie is teething intensely now! Her lower gums are rough and she has been in a lot more pain lately than ever before. Breaks Mummy’s heart 🙁
  • She is 17 lbs on the nose and in the 65% for height! Due for another growth spurt!
  • Her fine motor skills are becoming very impressive. Turning wheels and focusing on smaller pieces of her toys
  • She is still so in love with Sharon, Lois, and Bram and will look towards the TV to tell me to turn on the music because she knows that’s where we put in the CD!
  • She loves her weekly visits with her Oma, Grandpa Johnny, Bubby, Pippa, Grandpa Mike, and babysitter Theresa!
  • She got to meet her Aunty Ashley from Australia 2 weeks ago and was absolutely in love! Aunty is the funniest chic EVER!
  • She loves a good “party” and will not go to sleep or nurse if she thinks one might be happening!
  • She has begun eating ALL NIGHT LONG and is very restless at night. We think it’s because she’s on the brink of crawling and is just TOO EXCITED! But Mummy is ready to get a decent sleep so she better relax soon, haha!

 Rosie at 6 months old <3 Jan 8, 2017

What a change we have seen in Rosie!

  • Rosie can sit up on her own! She began sitting up very strongly within only a week of her 5 month anniversary!
  • She plays so well on her own. She loves to sit on a blanket and play with all of her toys and books.
  • She can move from the sitting position to leaning forward onto her tummy. She wants to get moving so badly!
  • She has held herself up on all fours in crawling position after Mum’s help – she’s so strong!
  • She loved meeting her little cousins and Great Grandmother during the Christmas holidays!
  • Her face lights up when she hears music from Sharon, Louis, and Bram!
  • Mummy and Daddy are willing to snort like a pig in the name of a cute giggle
  • She gets so excited when she see’s her kitties now that she throws her hands up in the air!
  • Rosie has just begun taking naps in her crib and while she doesn’t sleep as long yet, it’s been going well.
  • There is nothing cuter (or more painful, lol) then when Rosie grabs Mummy and Daddy’s face, brings them close, and goobs all over them.

Rosie at 5 months old <3 Dec 8, 2016

Rosie has been very busy this month!

  • She loves to roll over!
  • She can almost sit up on her own but still a little wobbly!
  • She loves jumping in her jolly jumper
  • She’s had a big growth spurt!
  • She’s a champ at holding things and putting them in her mouth and is even learning to master putting her soother back in her mouth too!
  • She has found her feet and loves putting those in her mouth too!!
  • She is so in love with her cat Pouncer and pets her every day 🙂
  • She loves to dance with Mummy and Daddy
  • She loves her exersaucer and has a blast pushing the buttons and grabbing pieces from it!
  • She visits her babysitter once a week and is having so much fun with the older kiddies
  • She talks a lot and loves to shriek in excitement!
  • Mummy and Rosie love to read Goodnight Moon together before bed and many other fantastic books throughout the day
  • She had her first of many colds and handled it like a champ!
  • She tries to grab for Mummy’s water glasses and suck on them 🙂
  • Chip bags are mesmerizing!!
  • Her head is very strong during tummy time and she bends her knees to get moving already
  • She had a lot of fun trying out the big bath with Muma!
  • She blows bubbles with her tongue
  • She thinks its hilarious when Mummy pretends to eat her hands!
  • Visiting Santa for the first time was definitely the highlight of the month!!



Rosie at 4 months old <3 Nov 8, 2016

  • She is in the 95% for length! Super long!!
  • We set up her exersaucer and she loves it!
  • She loves to read with Mummy and Daddy
  • She loves her colourful toys (especially her princess!) and bright lights!
  • Loves to laugh at everything!
  • She had a ton of fun showing off her first Halloween Costume as a Strawberry with Family
  • She has learned how to grasp her toys but sometimes needs help 🙂

Rosie at 3 months old <3 Oct 8, 2016

Rosie is now cooing and talking with her voice! She gets very excited and expressive. It is so much fun to see her getting giddy and really acknowledging the silly things we do with her.

Her neck is so strong that we don’t ever feel the need to support her head anymore!

She has slept all the way through the night on several occasions and I can’t thank her enough! Otherwise she’ll wake up once in the night and will generally go right back to sleep. I, on the other hand, have had trouble with insomnia and will lie awake in the wee hours so hopefully these full night sleeps will continue and help with that!

We’ve started going for runs in the stroller and she is a great partner! Gotta savour these last few days of nice weather! She also loves our Yoga mat time; kisses between downward dog poses are most special!

She loves to hold onto her plastic keys and in the past couple days has started to learn how to reach for them herself. I’m sure this will develop even more in the coming weeks!

She always wants to sit up or stand. She is very alert and wants to be in on the action! No lying down for this baby!

She loves to suck on her fists and is a drooling machine! Teething already we think!

Her tummy has been so much better! We have a lot less tears at night, but we still eat a lot from 8pm-10pm and then crash for the night 🙂

She really knows her Grandparents well and gets so excited to see all of them every week!

Mornings are too exciting after a good night’s sleep! She is so happy to see Mommy and Daddy and she loves to show it!

Rosie at 2 months old <3 Sept 8, 2016

Rosie loves having “conversations”. She is smiling more and more, and moves her mouth around but hasn’t quite figured out how to say what she wants to tell us yet! Her smiles are my new favourite thing on the planet 🙂

Suddenly the cradle hold just doesn’t cut it anymore. She is an over-the-shoulder type of gal, and she has no problem letting you know!

Rosie is so strong and can stand on her own, using my hands only for balance. She can hold her neck up almost as long as she wants.

For the most part, she only wakes up twice in the night which makes me much easier to talk to than I was in her first month in this world!

She loves stroller walks and riding in the car <3

Toys are really starting to grab her attention and it’s amazing to see her noticing more things in front of her as her eye sight improves.

Rosie finds that her tummy is really upset from 6pm-9pm, and lives for shoulder snuggles with Mommy and Daddy when she feels the saddest.

We’ve had a couple good bath experiences and hope that she only grows to love bath time more and more!

She LOVES her Mummy and her Daddy and spends her days gazing longingly in our eyes <3

Rosie at 6 weeks old <3 Aug 19, 2016

Rosie is most happiest in my arms and lives to be snuggled and held.

She sleeps best in bed with Mummy and Daddy, and is now starting to give me some longer sleep stretches than 2 hours at a time! WOOT!

Rosie is a big eater and is already 10 lbs in only a few short weeks!

She has been sneaking in some smiles that I can tell are not just gas, no matter what anyone says! haha!

She is surprisingly strong and will often hold her own head up while we’re burping her!

She hasn’t acknowledged the cats yet, but they sure love her <3

She took to bottle feeding as easily as she did breast feeding, we just need to be careful not to feed her too quickly because her little tum is starting to have a tough time.

Evenings are hardest for Rosie and her tummy troubles can make her unconsolable sometimes 🙁

Bath time isn’t an enjoyed experience just yet, but she comes by that honestly!

There is nothing more special than to curl her up on my chest and look down at her little round back and sweet little ears as she snuggles into me.



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